The Ramblers

James is a southern boy, born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. You can find him in his natural habitat, with fishing rod in his hand. His background of carpentry, crafting boats and refurbishing airstreams has really come in handy while building our Tiny Home, Truck Bed Camper "The Rambler." He has been all over the backroads of USA in a box truck, so driving a Truck Bed Camper around is a piece of cake for this guy.

With a salt water background, his travels across the diverse country is teaching him all different techniques and new challenges. If you're an angler, you can appreciate this American Angler and the time and research he continually puts in to finding the secret in each new area. 


Chantal fits the bill as a 🧀 addict and proud Packer fan from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Growing up her family was constantly traveling on summer/spring breaks since her mother was a K-8 Principal. They were able to see all 50 states before she and her sister went to college.

She moved to Florida and received her B.S. In Hospitality, Travel and Tourism from the University of West Florida which is where her path crossed with James. In her 25 years on this planet, she has been to 40 different countries and is eager to continue to ramble more of the 🌎.



Sturgill began his life in Pensacola, Florida where his passion for travelling blossomed with beach camping excursions. He is an avid hunter and enjoys long climbs on tree branches, and splitting a can of tuna. He has been to 18 states in his two years of life, and looks forward to roaming any place where he can be off his leash.